The Fresh Pathway provides psychotherapy, counselling, and coaching services. The aim is to help you become more aligned and in tune with yourself, with clarity on the right path forward for you. This need may occur when you are in crisis or when you want to evolve how you experience the world around you.

To meet the needs of each unique client, a tailored approach is used, based on personal connection, experience, and psychological studies.


Call or Text: (086)838 8991

Works with adults & adolescents (over 13+)

Deirdre Culbert is a IACP & IAHIP accredited counsellor and psychotherapist working in the Dundrum and Rathmines area and online. Deirdre works with adults and adolescents over 13.

Psychotherapy and counselling provides a supportive, safe and confidential environment where you can talk about your experiences, difficulties or challenges that are causing you distress or worry. With Deirdre you will find a trustworthy, non-judgmental, caring approach within which you can explore your current situation and find support to map out your way forward.

With coaching the focus is on learning and transformation that results in making a difference to an individual’s approach to work and life. Clients are assisted to clarify purpose, to recognise their strengths and areas for growth. Working together we create a plan that is aligned with their aspirations, to bring about change in approach, behaviour or mindset.

Contact Deirdre to book a free consultation by email or call or text (086)838 8991