I work with individuals to gain clarity on areas for change and setting a fresh pathway forward. By increasing their self-awareness and self-confidence, clients become aware of their choices and ability to take steps in a new direction.

Areas for focus can be …

  • Building resilience and self-belief
  • Current performance, awareness of strengths and limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Evaluate approach to work relationships and dynamics
  • Exploring an individual’s relating approach to working by oneself and with others
  • Grow and develop negotiation skills, aiming for win-win
  • Ownership and responsibility for your exercising of choice
  • Future potential, exploring opportunities, risk-taking and chance

Deirdre is a qualified Business and Executive Coach accredited by LBCAI.

My background is in the technology multinational sector, in software engineering teams, working in a variety of roles, from engineering to project management to team and group leadership. I have a passion for working with people, aiming to support them to be their best self. 

Coaching sessions last 1 hour and occur on a pre-agreed frequency, usually every 3-4 weeks.
Contact Deirdre initial free consultation email or call (086)8388991